Imagine this… you have spent a beautiful day at the beach in Torrevieja, a walk along the coastline, lying in the sun and swimming. Afterwards you go to Rancho Beach where we will serve you the best drinks and food possible so you can enjoy a long sultry summer evening. Wining and dining with a great view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Torrevieja Marina. We hope to welcome you soon!

We have an extended menu with traditional Spanish cuisine like sea food paella and tapas but we also serve original international classics like Caesar Salad and Club Sandwich. Next to this we have all sorts of  specialties on the menu with or without a Spanish twist. All our dishes are homemade, no pre-fab ingredients are used, everything on your plate is fresh.

Our slogan is Drinks, Food and Fun! At this page you can already take a look at the menu we serve at Rancho Beach. We hope to see you soon!

Rancho Classics Starters

Menu Choices


rancho asparragos nieuwSimple things are often the best. A great invention by our chef: he wraps asparagus in Jamon Serrano ham and grills them. Delicious!


carta-quesadilla 4In Mexico “quuesadilla” literally means “cheese thing”. Flour tortillas filled with chicken or beef, cheese and spices. A delicious starter!


GuacamoleDid you know that the Aztecs already invented this “dip sauce” in the 16th century? So it descends from Mexico but it is now a Rancho specialty. So delicious! Especially with the tortilla chips we serve it with!

Nachos Machos Mexicanos

Nachos Machos MexicanosA spicy surprise from South America. Crispy tortilla chips with spicy meat. Creamy melted cheese on top. Try it once and get addicted.

Large Garlic Prawns

GambosPrawns the way we like them here in Spain. And you will too! Grilled and with garlick. Your fingers will get dirty but don’t worry: we’ll take care of that…

Rancho Classics Soups

Menu Choices

Onion Soup

Onion SoupIn the time of the Roman Empire this was a poor man’s soup. But we know how rich it can be! By now a French classic. With a rich layer of oven melted cheese on top. Be careful, it’s hot!


rancho_gazpachoAn Andalusian peasant invented it and by now this cold summer soup is a classic. We will serve the garnishes separately so that you can compose your own perfect Gazpacho.

French Fish Soup

rancho french fish soup 2A French classic and by now a Rancho classic too. Just like the fishermen in the harbour of Marseille prepare it. Delicious!

Soup of the day

rancho soup of the dayWe know, soup tends to be boring… But not with us! Check the sign or ask your waiter. And if you don’t like Chef’s choice today, maybe tomorrow…

Rancho Classics Salads

Menu Choices

Asian Salad

carta-ensaladaasiaticaIs it possible to combine lettuce and rice? Yes it is! We add curry chicken and Asian herbs. Get ready for a spicy (!) experience.

Feta Salad

rancho feta saladA fresh salad for hot days. Fresh lettuce, Feta cheese, marinated grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, red onion and Italian dressing.

Caprese Salad

rancho caprese salad new presentationA salad in Capri style. Mozzarella, tomato, basil and fresh rucola. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Very simple but very delicious!

Quinoa Salad

rancho quinoa saladOK, super foods are hot (not literally…). Our chef prepares a super fresh and super vegetarian quinoa salad that is super… delicious!

Thai Beef Salad

rancho_thaibeefsaladWith ur Thai Beef Salad our chef brings a little of the Far East to Spain. Smoothly marinated beef with a variety of healthy stuff! Such as cucumber, lettuce, red onion, black beans and coriander.

Caesar Salad

rancho_caesarsaladA worldwide classic and one of Rancho’s specials. Enjoy fresh lettuce romaine, grilled chicken fillet, crispy croutons, boiled egg and of course the mysterious Caesar dressing. Just like Caesar Cardini invented it in 1924. Please tell your waiter if you want it with or without anchovies.

Nicoise Salad

nicoiseFor centuries the French are fighting about the “real” recipe. Our chef is not from Nice. But he decided what the real recipe is. Bring it on!

King Prawn Salad

King Prawn SaladEven on a cloudy day you will taste the sun in our Kind Prawn Salad! Tender big prawns (of course!), lettuce, rucola, black olives, cherry tomatoes and onion. A smooth Lemon Mayonnaise completes this sunny dish.

Rancho Classics Main courses

Menu Choices

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti BologneseWe’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse. Italian noodles, Italian cheese, Italian sauce and Spanish sun. How good can it get? Enjoy this classic with a healthy side dish.

Tortilla Wraps

Tortilla WrapsAn old Mexican lady showed us the secret. Original flour tortilla wraps filled with fried onions, peppers and mushrooms. Add sour cream, chicken fillet, thin slices of beef tenderloin and wrap it up! The guacamole finishes the job.

Chef’s Surprise

rancho chefs surpriseDon’t feel like deciding yourself? Let our chef surpise you. Just tell us if you prefer fish, meat or vegetarian. Our chef will come up with a surprise! Just don’t ever ask it again, it will never be the same!

Spare Ribs

rancho spare ribsIf you ever had the chance to eat “like a pig” this is it! Eat with your fingers. Get dirty. Enjoy!

Cheese fondue

rancho cheese fondueForget about Swiss watches and Swiss chocolate. Swiss cheese fondue is pure luxury! Melted cheese and everything you need to dip in it. Let’s party!


rancho doradaA fish called Wanda? This fish is called gold. But actually it has a silver color… Anyway, it’s delicious! Our chef grilled it and serves it with a fantastic mild mustard sauce. And fresh seasonal vegetables.

Zarzuela Rancho Beach

carta-zarzuelaIf you are ever going to try a seafood stew, it should be this one! Fish and seafood stewed in garlic, onions and olive oil. An absolute classic and a great Spanish treat.

Meat Balls

Meat Balls 1.0We wouldn’t dare to say we can match the meatballs your grandmother used to make… But suerly ours are pretty close! With old school gravy. Don’t tell anybody!

Roasted Chicken

carta-pollo asadoOur chicken is not fried, it’s not grilled… it’s roasted (as it should be!). Half a chicken in the old fahioned style with fried potatoes and salad.

Grilled Salmon

rancho salmon filetDid you know there are more than 200 types of salmon? Bet you didn’t! We chose one of the best for our grilled salmon fillet. Served with mashed potatoes and fresh seasonal vegetables.


Schnitzel 1.0The Austrians stole the recipe from the Italians who stole it from the Turkish kitchen. And now it ended up it Spain. Delicious bread crumbed pork meat. Try it and the world is yours!


solomilloOK, you are at Rancho Beach. And in Argentina “Rancho” is where the cattle is. The beste cattle! And so, our tournedos is from… Argentina! Served with fresh seasonal vegetables. And you choice of fries or rice.

T-bone Steak

T-bone SteakWhat can we say? This one is only for big boys with a big appetite. Over 400 grams of juicy grilled veal. You won’t need a dessert.

Hamburger whatever-you-want

Hamburger Whatever-You-WantThe 100% fresh beef is a fact. The rest is up to you! Do you want a fried egg on top? Raw or fried onions? Cheese? Tomato? Bacon? Just tell us how you like your burger and our chef will fix it.

Pizza whatever-you-want

Pizza Whatever-You-WantWe’ll start with fresh dough and fresh tomato sauce. You decide the rest. Do you want your pizza topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, onions or fresh basil? Or maybe some mozzarella or parmesan cheese? Just tell us!

Club Sandwich

Club SandwichSome call it the mother of all sandwiches. And we agree! Toasted bread with delicious grilled chicken, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, cheese, tomato. Try one and be surprised.

Cordon Bleu

carta-cordonbleuPeople say the recipe comes from Swizerland or Austria. Ours obviously is from Spain. Grilled chicken fillet, filled with ham and cheese.

Sea Food Paella

Sea Food PaellaA must-eat whenever visiting Spain. Preferably with us. Traditionally prepared like the fishermen do. With lots of fresh fish and seafood. Olé!

Mixed Grill

Mixed GrillRancho’s magical skewers. One with grilled chicken, the other with grilled beef tenderloin. Both with sweet peppers, onions and mushroom. Accompanied by two tasty homemade sauces: cocktail and garlic.

Build your own XL Hot Dog

rancho build your own hot dogLet’s have some fun! We will provide the ingredients and you’ll create your personal XL hot dog. A bun and a big hot dog. Plus onions, peppers, pickles, lettuce, tomato, bacon and jalapeno. Be creative!

Children’s menu

Menu Choices

Fish Fingers

rancho_kids_fishfingersFish fingers

Cheese fingers

varitas quesoCheese fingers

Hot Dog

rancho_kids_hotdog_2Hot Dog

Chicken nuggets

rancho_kids_nuggetsChicken nuggets

Pasta with tomato sauce or bolognese sauce

rancho_spaghettiPasta with Tomato Sauce or Bolognese Sauce


Menu Choices

Ice cream of your choice

carta-icecreamThree scoops of ice cream. Choose from vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.


rancho sorbet with coneImagine a perfect world: healthy things combined with some small sins. Fresh fruit. Sweet ice cream. A touch of syrup. And whipped cream. Heaven can wait…

Fresh Fruit

rancho fruitsaladeMixed seasonal fruit. Fresh, delicious and healthy.

Ice Cream Cake

carta-ijstaartIt’s not really an ice cream and it’s not really a cake. But the taste is sensatgional! Try one of our four flavors, turron, tangerine, chocolate brownie or vanilla with cookies. Choose 2 for € 6,50 or 3 for € 9,-

Chocolate Brownie

rancho chocolate brownieChocolate is a girls’best friend! Tough on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. Accompanied by whipped cream… And ehhm.. don’t be shy guys, you can order it too!